Friday, August 5, 2011

Vacation : Day 6 Part 4

The next stop was the Cap de Fermentor which was our main goal.........the northern most point of the island.  Getting there was a bit tricky with extreme winding roads but Jon is such a great driver that he made it all seem effortless.  The views were amazing and the beach was absolutely gorgeous with crystal blue water!  It was well worth the long days trek of getting there.

There you have it.............the northern most part of the island.
Pictures don't do this site justice.  It was gorgeous!!!

The beach was beautiful but we didn't plan on swimming 
in the water even though once we got there we wished
we would have brought our suits!!!

What a life!  I'd love to do some sail boating one day!!

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Melissa said...

that is BEAUTIFUL!! i hope we can make it there someday!