Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation : Day 6 Part 5

I promise this is the last part to our 6th day!  It was quite the long day for us but I think our last site was one of our favorites and we definitely spent more time exploring in this little town of Alcudia.

One of our favorite things about this town
were the city walls dating back to the 14th
century!!  We were having fun using our 
imagination and getting the boys hyped
up about us defending the city from pirates.

And of course there was a big cathedral!

The boys a bit delirious from our travels.

These are the remains of a Roman town but unfortunately we 
weren't able to walk through since it was closed on the day we went!

After we wandered around the town for a while we had a nice 
little picnic and headed back home!  We were all exhausted!

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