Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacation:Day 9 Heading Back Home

In all honesty it was hard to head back home after spending such a nice time on a beautiful island.  Due to the fact that we traveled on frequent flier miles, Jon was not able to travel with the boys and I until the flight from Germany to Russia.  Now that the boys are older it was really a piece of cake to travel by myself with them.  They also did a great job plus they love going on the airplane and hanging out.

1.  Bye - bye Mallorca! 
2.  We flew from Mallorca to Barcelona.  Poor little Naynay looks so tired.  It was quite an early morning for us.
3.  The airport in Barcelona is absolutely beautiful.  We had not eaten breakfast yet so we enjoyed a nice breakfast at the McDonalds in the airport during our 3 hour layover.  Believe it or not it was the boy's first time having a McDonalds breakfast!
4.  I just had to stop by the official Barcelona soccer league team store.  The amazing Argentine Leonel Messi plays for Barcelona.
5.  Thankful for Jojo's Nintendo DS, it keeps him occupied.  This was our flight from Barcelona to Frankfurt, Germany.
6.  We had 6 hours to kill in Frankfurt so we just wandered around a lot.  Nathan wanted to take a ride in this sports car.
7 and 8.  Being silly at McDonalds.  We tried to eat as slow as possible.  After dinner we went to our gate to wait for daddy.  I was starting to get nervous because he wasn't coming.  I even asked the attendant at the gate to check his flight.............his flight came in late but thankfully he made it to our gate on time! 
9.  Arriving in Samara is always a bit of a culture shock.  After waiting in a super long line to go through passport control we finally got to the window, got questioned, and then got our passports stamped.  Our suitcases were waiting for us and then our friend Zhenya was there to pick us up.  It was 4 am by this time and we got to see the sun rise on the way home!  Home sweet home!!!

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