Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation: Day 8

On our last day of vacation we basically decided to just relax!  We needed a vacation from our vacation.  So, we visited a big grocery store that we also have here in Samara.  We enjoyed a nice lunch.  Packed up our suitcases and then went out for a nice dinner with my cousin and his family. 

This is Auchan (which we also have in Samara) but in Spain
it's called Al Campo.  I was so surprised by all the products
that are available in Spain.............definitely a ton more than
what I find in Russia.  So, we stocked up on a few items and 
very few because we didn't have enough room in the suticases.

Good - bye Coke Zero..............until we meet again.  The lemon
Fanta was also amazing and refreshing.

Near a nice little park by my cousin's home.

My cousin's apartment building.

My cousin Dario and his sweet wife Vilma.

One last look at the beach.  I am so thankful for the time
we got to spend in Mallorca!  It was an amazing trip.  I
hope I never forget all the beautiful things I saw and all 
the friendly people I met.  The best part for me though
was being able to spend time with my cousins and uncle.  
It makes me so sad to think that I did not have the opportunity
to grow up with my cousins.  Even though moving to 
America was in our best interest I feel like I missed out
on spending time with extended family.  It even breaks my
heart now that my boys don't have the opportunity to be
with their own cousins. 


Kuypers Family said...

Glad you had such a great vacation! I too wish my children could grow up with their cousins. We just try to make the most of the opportunities they do get to spend time together.

Melissa said...

we dont have that grocery store here in leon. what kind of stuff did you stock up on that you cant find in russia?

Natalie said...

I got Oreos (of course)
Rice Krispies
Pita bread
Artichoke hearts
Bar B Que Sauce

I wish we would have had some room to take a ton of Coke Zeros.