Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pharoah Menes

I don't know where I was in school whenever Egyptian history was taught! Actually my husband often wonders what I learned in school.............he can't believe I actually graduated with honors.  It seems I've retained very little from my public school education!!!  Now that Jojo is in second grade we are studying Old Testament and Ancient Egypt.  I'm really enjoying going through the Veritas Press History course and so is Jojo.  It's amazing how much he remembers all the details we are learning.  The last two weeks we've been learning about the unification of upper and lower Egypt and I've we've been learning lots of exciting history tidbits here and there.  I recently taught about Sarah in my small group and having some of the information I learned about Egypt really helped me to understand Abraham and Sarah's journey into know the time that Abraham gave his wife to the Pharoah!!!!!
Here's Jojo wearing Pharoah Menes' crown.
The red crown represents lower Egypt and
the white crown represents upper Egypt...he
wore both crowns to demonstrate his rule 
over the unified Egypt. 

Here I am being a dork wearing the crown.
I tried to wear it every time we did our 
History lessons but Jojo didn't think
that was very cool.

Here's our clay map of upper and lower Egypt.

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rick said...

That's a rockin' crown...