Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week #5 - Apple Braid Bread

Yesterday we had wives' group at our home and I baked this bread  that I found on Pinterest.  I was a little scared to try it but truthfully it was super easy.  I am awful at getting my idioms right and yesterday I told my husband "Today, I've reached a new plateau in my baking!" He looked at me strangely and said "Ummm, I think you mean you reached a new level!"  DUH!!!!

The directions said to cut the strips on the baking sheet but I 
found it much easier to lay a piece of baking paper on the table
and cut the strips directly on the table.  Then I braided it and 
lifted it up onto the baking sheet. Using a pizza cutter also
makes it super easy to cut the strips!

I actually made 2 of them and between all the women and my
boys there are only 2 more slices left!

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