Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For All Have Sinned

During lunch after church on Sundays we always ask the kids how their time was in Sunday school.  Jon and I are especially curious since Sunday school is in Russian and the boys have a very limited understanding of the language. Thankfully though the boys are very familiar with Bible stories since they have learned them all at home plus it also helps that Sunday school is taught visually with pictures and a felt board. This past Sunday Jojo learned about Cain and Abel.............a story which he is very familiar with.  After he shared with us that Cain killed Abel by chopping his leg off (I have no idea where he got that from) we then went on to talk about sin.  Jojo defined sin for us and Jon asked him if we are all sinners to which Josiah replied "YES"!  Nathan was not very happy to hear that we are all sinners(he has been taught this by us already) and proceeded to tell us that his Sunday school teacher was very nice and that she was not a sinner!!!  He was absolutely heart broken that we would call his very nice Sunday school teacher a sinner.  I think that most people are offended by the word "sin".  I'm thankful that we have the opportunity to teach our boys that they are great sinners.  I just pray that one day they will see the great need for a Savior!

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Kuypers Family said...

Aww, cute! It can be a hard concept for our children to grasp - and sometimes even ourselves!