Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Guest

We have a new guest in our home for the next couple of weeks.  Daddy and Nathan love him but mommy and Jojo aren't very thrilled.  We are pet sitting for our friends who are pet sitting for our teammates the Klassens.  Does that make sense? 
This hamster has captured Nathan's heart.  The first thing
Nathan does when he wakes up is to go greet him......he 
says "Good morning little guy.  Are you awake?".  

I am not sure what the hamster's name is.  I think it's Theo but
we have renamed him.  The first day we got him, the boys
named him Sandy.  The next day his name got changed to
Sammy.  Then it was changed to Rhino.  Now they call him
Apple Rhino.  Jojo wants nothing to do with Apple Rhino and
neither do I really.

Thankfully Jon likes the rodent but bad news for me is that Jon
leaves in a couple of days on a trip and he'll be gone for 10 days.

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