Sunday, November 6, 2011


Do you remember the Mervyn's commercial?  The "open, open, open" one?  If you don't remember that commercial you can check it out here.  In the last 5 1/2 years I have pretty much felt like that woman and have been tempted to go to the store door and yell "open, open, open" but alas IKEA has finally opened.  The grand opening was on September 29 but we only recently made our way there.  It is really quite impressive to see IKEA in Russia.  It was so much fun walking around and seeing all the great furniture.  We didn't buy any big furniture pieces because truthfully we don't need anything but there were some odds and ends that I have been wanting to get so we did a little shopping.  We also enjoyed a nice meal at the IKEA restaurant and we even had the nerve to leave the kiddos in the children's room!!  I was relieved when I went to check on Josiah (Nathan didn't go in at first) that there was a young lady from our church working in the room. 
The covered parking entrance.  We were really impressed with the 
parking and the parking security guiding cars.

This is a play area for kids.  IKEA is located in Mega Mall which
is not opened yet.  Along with a bunch of stores, indoor ice skating 
rink, McDonalds, and food court, a big ASHAN(huge grocery store)
will also be opening in February 2012!  Oh the little things that make
us happy!!

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Melissa said...

i LOVE our ikea here!!! so glad it opened for you guys. truly they do have so many of those little things that i havent found anywhere else!!