Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 9 - Cinammon Apple Cookies

I can't believe I didn't do my challenge last week but it was a crazy week for us.  I did do a lot of baking though - banana bars, fudge brownies, holiday squares, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies but none of these recipes were from Pinterest...........instead they were oldies but goodies.  Yesterday I tried this recipe.   The cookies were pretty good but I have to judge the finished product according the value of the ingredients I use.  This recipe required 1 whole cup of brown sugar which is a valuable commodity here.  We can now find brown sugar but it isn't cheap.  So, I ask myself the following : "Is this recipe worth repeating considering that I have to use so much brown sugar?"  The answer is probably not.  If I had access to cheaper brown sugar, I would repeat it.   And as you can see on Nathan's facial expression; he wasn't quite sure about the cookie either!


Melissa said...


so what about the recipe i double dog dared you??

i think i need recipes for some of your did a ton of baking last you normally bake that much? that's awesome; i wish i did!

interesting how brown sugar is expensive. here it's not. but powdered sugar it in russia?

Natalie said...

I know, I know.....I need to try it!!! And yes, I bake a lot. There's always a small group to bake for, Sunday school class, or some other activity. I forgot to include coffee cake on my list for last week :)

Powdered sugar is more expensive than it is in the States but a little less than brown sugar!!! We also go through periods of time where powdered sugar is hard to find, so I am always buying in bulk!!!