Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 10 - Little Pumpkin Cakes

Fruits and vegetables are very seasonal here in Russia.   I grew up in California where most produce is available year round so it's fun for me to see and experience the proper fruits and vegetables according to their proper season.  I have never been a huge pumpkin fan but every year I am learning to enjoy it more and more.  Yesterday there was a meeting planned in my home with a few ladies but it got canceled at the last moment so I initially made these for the meeting but my family had no problem taking care of them.  The recipe called for apple brandy which I don't have sitting around so instead I used apple juice.  The recipe also called for molasses which is something that can not be found here but thankfully my mother in law brought me some when she was here this summer.  Oh, and I also needed brown sugar but I think it was definitely worth it considering that I can only make this recipe in the fall.  My little foodie Jojo definitely recommends this recipe!!!  You can check it out here on the way I didn't have the little bundt pans so instead I used ramekins. 

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