Thursday, January 12, 2012


If there's one thing about ministry that I enjoy the least it would have to be the good-byes that are involved. Yesterday was a real difficult day for me and one that I have been dreading for a real long time. I always knew it was coming from the day my Russian friend married a Ukrainian. I did say good-bye to her over 3 1/2 years ago but by God's grace her husband wanted to come and attend the training program here. I was so relieved when they returned to Samara but I knew that yesterday was inevitable.

Several friends came to the train station to say good-bye.

Not only has Christina been one of my closest
friends but she has also taken great care of our
boys. They love her like an auntie and both boys
were so sad yesterday. Nathan even cried at the
station. Today Jojo told me he woke up missing
Christina, Zhenya, and baby Martin.

The train starting to leave.

I was a basket case all day yesterday.
My eyes hurt today from all the crying. 
I am really happy for them of course. I
am excited to see how the Lord will
use Zhenya and Christina in the Ukraine.
I also hope and trust that we will see 
each other again.

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Melissa Ruth said...

oh man i can totally relate...i sobbed like a baby when we left our friends in orange county. and it's the worst when our kids cry too!! thankfully there are no goodbyes in heaven!