Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

Our New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful in comparison to the way most Russians celebrate. We stayed inside, played lots of games, and had homemade Chinese food for dinner. As night time came every once in a while we could catch a brief firework show right outside our living room window. Jon and I stayed up until 1:00 so that we were tired enough to sleep through all the partying.
We played several rounds of UNO!

We also enjoyed playing the Wii. As you can tell Jojo was really
into it!

During our trip to Spain this summer I bought some turron. I 
remember growing up as a child and having turron every 
New Year's Eve. 

Aside from myself, Nathan is the only one who liked the turron.


Jedidja said...

Hapyy New year. I never eat that turran. What is it?

O, my childs also like UNO!

Melissa Ruth said...

YUM we are definitely enjoying turron here!!!

Natalie said...

@Jedidja, turron is sort of a hard nougat bar with nuts. I grew up on it during the holidays. There is also soft turron but I prefer the hard one.