Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Help With Contraction Words

Last week's spelling words for Jojo were a list of contractions. He didn't quite get the whole concept at the beginning so I made him this activity to try to help him understand. I first got the idea from another blog in helping young ones with numbers but it's easy to expand on the idea. Some would be matching upper and lower cases together, number words with numbers, etc. I am sure the list is endless if one really thinks about it.

So, I basically took a cereal box and cut out into a circle. Then I
divided the sections up. I made sure to measure the words up to
the clothespin. Josiah is real visual so this has been a huge help.

While I was at it, I prepared a number wheel for Nathan.

 He wanted to work on it right away. Basically the wheel has a
certain number of dots and the clothespin has the actual number 
on it. I also "laminated" the wheels with clear packing tape. I 
don't have a laminating machine here so that's the best I could do!

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