Friday, March 2, 2012

Samara: The Russian Winter Again

Whenever we'd tell people that we lived in Siberia they really couldn't believe it. I think most people in their minds pictured frozen tundra with polar bears walking around. Getting acclimated to winter was real difficult for me and in all honesty I did not look forward to dealing with Russian winters once more.
 As you can see in the picture, the day we left from L.A.X it was 
absolutely gorgeous in L.A. Pretty soon we were going to trade
in sunny skies for snow and freezing temperatures. I don't recall
if we checked on what the weather was like in Samara before 
we traveled but before our plane touched down on the tarmac we
were told it was -36 Fahrenheit outside. Russia was experiencing
it's coldest winter since 1981!

I really shouldn't complain about the cold weather
considering I only had 1 child to bundle up! The 
first few days we didn't go outside though because
it really was too cold to take Josiah out. I did go out
exploring to the grocery stores but I remember being
disappointed at the lack of food and ingredients that
I could find easily in Novosibirsk. I remember
being so discouraged because of the extreme cold,
the lack of food, and the lack of sleep!  Thankfully
the food shortages were due to the cold temperatures
and soon enough I was able to buy the things I needed.

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