Sunday, March 4, 2012

Samara: Our New Home

I was really excited to see what our new home would look like. Just like we only had one month to prepare to move to Samara, our fellow teammates only had one month to find a furnished rental for us. Thankfully they found something on such short notice and not to mention that for about 1 week at the beginning of January everything closes down for the holidays.

This was the main entrance to get to the elevator of our building.
I distinctly remember the first glimpse I had of this on the first
day we arrived.......I thought "I can't believe we're in Russia again!"

 This was our living room. I remember our team leader telling
us before we got there that the apartment had leather couches...
this wasn't what I had in mind but it worked!

This was the view looking out our living room window. The tram 
ran right on our street which was extremely convenient. We
rode the trams a lot and Jojo loved riding in them.


Susan said...

Love being able to "visit Russia" with you when I visit your blog. :) It must be a wonderful experience for you and the boys/men :)

Natalie said...

It really is a great experience Susan!Thanks for "visiting" :)