Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Thankfully Tuesday was beautiful! Sharon(teammate,friend, and upstairs neighbor) and kids headed outside around 11 a.m. to enjoy the sunshine. The kids had a blast and enjoyed going on a bug hunt expedition. Sharon and I enjoyed catching up with one another. There's a brief period where you really can't go outside because of all the mud and water from the melting snow but since the sun was shining yesterday it all dried up.

Later in the day the boys and I worked on an art project. The idea came from this blog. It was a pretty quick project and the boys really enjoyed it........especially painting over the chalk pastels and seeing the paint "resisting" the chalk pastels.

First we drew the patterns on our eggs with the chalk pastels.

Then they painted over the eggs and these 
were the end results! 

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