Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Week

This week is Easter week for us. Our family celebrates according to the Eastern calendar since that is when Easter is celebrated here. I trust that those of you who celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ yesterday had an enjoyable time. This week I'll be doing some Easter crafts, Spring/Easter assignments in school, and reading special stories with the boys as we all anticipate Resurrection Sunday!

 Jon brought me back one of my favorite Easter treats when he 
was in California. They taste soooooooooo good when you 
haven't had on in a long time!!!!

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Our Family said...

Natalie, I didn't realize our Easter weeks are different. We pray your family's Easter will be glorious. Our's sure was yesterday! Again, I love your intentionality as a mother. You're so wonderful about planning crafts, etc. It's motherhood as God intended it to be! I send much love from our tribe!