Friday, May 18, 2012

Pirates and Thunderstorms

The boys have been saying some funny stuff lately! Some days Jon and I just stare at each other in either amazement or shock because of their funny antics and conversations. Other times we try our best to hide our laughter.

During school the other day Josiah said the following to me in a very non-chalant tone : "Mom, when I grow up I am going to be a pirate actor since I already speak pirate." I have no idea where he got that from. He was working on a Math worksheet and it truly came out of nowhere!!!

On another note, Monday night we had a very big thunderstorm. It was quite loud and the rain was coming down in sheets. Nathan got a bit scared and Jon tried to calm him down by pointing out that the thunderstorm is a display of God's power and that God was in total control of the storm. When we put Nathan to bed that night he called me into his room and asked: "Mom, what will God do to me if I don't like His power?"


Susan said...

Aww :) Love it. At work yesterday one of the guys showed me a little slip of paper that had a scribble on it. He said it was his "Alien ID Card". His daughter had asked him if he was a human or an alien. He said he told her "An alien", so she looked through her little papers and said to him in a half whisper: "Keep this with you, and if you see anyone with an ID with bubbles on it, RUN!" LoL

Natalie said...

That is funny Susan!