Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 28 Strawberry Shortcake

So, the strawberries are slowly making their way to Samara............well at least they are getting more affordable. I remember a couple of months ago walking in the market and seeing huge strawberries at all the vendor mouth was literally watering but every time I checked the prices I knew I couldn't buy them. Paying over $10 for a small basket of strawberries was just ridiculous to me but yesterday 1 pound of strawberries were $3.50.......a bit of a splurge compared to how cheap they are in California but I couldn't stand it anymore!!!  I made strawberry shortcake from this pin on my "sweets" board on Pinterest.
I was a little nervous about making the shortcake but it turned out ok. Actually, I don't think I've ever
really liked's so plain! The strawberries and the whipped cream really made up for the plainness and actually the shortcake tasted better today than yesterday.

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sheknows said...

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