Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ancient Delphi

Our first stop was Ancient Delphi. This city is important as there was an inscription found which introduced the new pro-consul Galileon. This inscription is of great importance because it has allowed the letters of Paul to be dated.

We headed to the museum of Delphi first which houses many of the artifact which were found in the ruins of Ancient Delphi.

These artifacts date back to 2000 B.C. It's interesting to see the influence of Egyptian art. This is a statue of Artemis the sister of Apollo.

This sphinx statue was brought from another Greek island but once again it's so cool to see how Egyptians influenced Greek art.

This beautiful bronze life size statue is called the charioteer The statue was commissioned by a Sicilian tyrant named Polyzalos to commemorate a chariot victory in the Pythian Games in 478 B.C.!  It really was so amazing to see such ancient artifact. As a side note the Pythian Games tok place in Delphi.

Then we walked to see the ancient ruins of Delphi.....
This is the temple of Apollo. These remains date from the 4th century B.C. The temple is where the god Apollo spoke through a priestess (who was basically "high" all the time). It is called the Delphic Oracle and worshippers would come to the temple to hear the priestess.

This is the Atehnian treasury which was built after the Battle of Marathon.......this was reconstructed in 1906 and that's why it looks intact.

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