Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Celebrating Nathan's Birthday With Family

Nathan never really got a proper celebration for his birthday so we had a little party for him with my family.

 The boys of course were so happy to hang out with Grandma 
Maria. Can you believe my mom just turned 70? I think she
looks great at her age.

My sister Monica cooked a big Mexican feast. This is her famous
salsa and I just about ate it all!

My two older nieces texted on their phones the whole evening.....
sometimes I thought they were texting one another!

He has been asking for a Lightning McQueen forever but he said
he liked the cake I made for him last year better! 

So happy with all his presents!!!

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Wayne_Leonie Kuypers said...

Fun!! Your mum looks great! And your nieces probably were texting each other!! That salsa looks delicious! Happy birthday Nathan.