Friday, August 17, 2012

Enough of Greece......

for now. There are a couple of more posts I want to do on Greece still but I thought I'd better get a move on our time in California considering that in less than 2 weeks we depart for Russia again.

Our time in California has been a real blessing but also a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. During our time in Greece we received word that our resident visas were being annulled......this was quite a shock for us. Long story short.......we will return to Russia as planned on August 27 and then have to go to the migration office where Jon will get his visa annulled but he will appeal this to the court of Samara where God willing we have a good chance that the judge will rule in our favor.

During our first two weeks back Nathan suffered quite a bit from the Greece Conference flu, then he recovered, got 5 shots and then he reacted big time to the shots with high fevers and incredible pain. He recovered from that to catch a stomach bug!  Jon underwent surgery for his kidney stone which was thankfully a successful surgery......he was in a bit of pain for a week because of having a temporary stent placed. Then he recovered from the surgery to catch Nathan's stomach bug. Jon recovered from the stomach bug only to give it to me.....thankfully I was only out for 24 hours!  Needless to say July was quite a tough month but in all honesty we did manage to enjoy ourselves.

We spent a lot of days at the dentist and getting checked by different doctors. We are so thankful for medical advances and some pretty amazing medical workers. In the above pictures the boys are all ready to be seen by their pediatrician. I started working for him at the age of 19 and worked 10 years for him until I had Josiah.  He has been a huge help to us and always available for me to email him with my medical questions.

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Melissa Ruth said...

oh man. sorry you guys were all so sick. and can't believe you already return in 2 weeks!! am praying for your visa situation!!