Sunday, August 12, 2012

Greek Life

We didn't get too many opportunities to explore Greek culture and life but any opportunity we had to observe normal life I made sure to take some pictures.

The above picture was taken in Berea. We were being such American tourists here......there was a high profile court hearing going on and in the square some skinheads were preparing to protest. There was a heavy presence of riot police and both sides were preparing for an encounter. We walked right through the middle of the square checking it out!!!

The above 2 pictures were taken outside the Corinth ruins. There was a bazaar going on. The vendors are illegal immigrants who have come from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and other war torn Middle Eastern countries.

On our walk towards the Agora of Ancient Athens there was a street of people selling second hand items.

                                   There are a lot of scooters all over ........easier to get around all the traffic.

                                        So European.......just sitting around and relaxing at a cafe.

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