Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hanging Out

The day after the beach we got to go to my oldest sister's home in Arcadia. She lives in the neighborhood where there are a ton of peafowl. You have to drive real slow so that you don't run one over and of course the peafowl are protected by law. You can't feed them, touch them, or harm them!

Her husband Andy plays the drums and the boys love to go and beat on the dreams! He is real generous about it and doesn't mind them banging on the drums as loud as they want.

And there's also a pool which we love to swim in. This day in the spirit of the Olympics we made up our own sport.......pool volleyball. It got pretty competitive at times.

                                                     While the men swam, the ladies scrapped.

My nephew came home from work and gave the boys some presents! Anthony works in Cars Land at California Adventures and was so sweet to think of the boys. He got them Mickey Ears and some Star Wars toys.

I have to confess that blogging these pictures makes me miss my family so much. It's one of the drawbacks of living overseas. I've missed out on so many years of watching my nephew and nieces grow up....but I am thankful that the Lord provides me with grace and comfort to get through it. I also have to be so grateful that we at least have had the opportunity to be with family almost every single summer since we've moved to Russia. 

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