Monday, September 3, 2012

Zuma Beach

When I was single, I pretty much headed out to Zuma beach every single Saturday in the Summer. It was my little getaway. Actually, not only did I head up there in my single days but I remember ditching school a few days to get some sun!

Even though we were in California for 2 months we only got to the beach one day! Jon seemed to be in his bat cave all the time and the me and the boys were always running around getting errands done, going to the doctor, etc. So one day we packed up all our beach stuff and a cooler full of food and we headed to the coast.

The waves were really big this day and there were a ton of surfers out. I've actually never seen so many surfers at Zuma beach before.

                              When the waves calmed down a little, Jon went out on the boogie board.

                                                                 The boys enjoying lunch.

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