Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Forgot

I completely forgot about my thankful Thursdays! It's not that I haven't been thankful it's just that life has been pretty busy lately.

So this week:
1. I am super grateful for my small group! I know I've mentioned them before but they are a real amazing group of young wives! I am so thankful for the closeness and openness we share with one another. I am also so thankful that they are willing to overlook my terrible Russian. They don't let it get in the way. It also helps that I have a translator!

2. I'm praising God today because Jon is finally acclimated to the time adjustment! It took him forever this time. It's nice to have my husband back. It also makes one appreciate sleep more.

3. School has been going real well. Even Nathan is trying his best to sit as still as he possibly can to do his work. This year I have decided to focus more n Jojo's writing and far it's been going pretty well. Lately I've become more and more convinced that homeschooling is really the best option for our family at this time........praise God for the opportunity He's given us to take this route.

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Our Family said...

I'm thankful to God for you, Natalie!