Thursday, September 20, 2012

Disney Exhibit

The second reason why I wanted to go to the Reagan Museum was to check out the Disney Exhibit. I am a huge Disney fan and was looking forward to seeing what the exhibit was all about.

Walt Disney's office. There was actually an alarm on the ledge looking into the office and if you got too close to the ledge the alarm would go off......of course the boys and I set the alarm off!!

The exhibit mainly had costumes and props from a bunch of Disney movies. This is the gown worn by the princess in Enchanted.

No need to explain this one. This was definitely one of the boy's favorite, even though they haven't seen the movie.

                  The Pirates of the Carribean had the biggest exhibit with a bunch of costumes and props.

The Liberty Bell from the movie National Treasure. The boys have seen this movie and loved it. It is actually kid friendly with no bad language, violence, or nudity. Great for a family movie.

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