Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sea Life Aquarium

Before leaving to return to Russia we thought we should take a little family vacation. Jon was pretty busy most of the summer and so a lot of times just the boys and I did stuff here and there. It was great being together a few days before our big trip.

So, on a Sunday after church we headed towards one of our favorite towns.....San Diego! Jon found a great deal for some passes at Legoland. The boys had been talking about going to Legoland forever and we were able to surprise them. 

On our way there we stopped off at a beach rest stop and enjoyed a picnic lunch. We arrived at our hotel room, unpacked, and then headed to Legoland. We decided to visit the aquarium the first day since we only had a few hours before closing.

Their featured exhibit were these huge crabs!

 We got to touch the starfish at the tide pool. 

 The Sea Life Aquarium isn't really that big at all. It's actually
a perfect size for boys like mine who get bored with things 
they aren't interested in such as sea creatures. The best feature
of the park is this huge aquarium with a bunch of fish, manta
rays, and sharks. You actually walk through a tunnel at one point 
and the fish are all above you.

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Melissa Ruth said...

SO glad you got a vacation!! even missionaries need them too :) or maybe i should say, especially missionaries need them :) we had one too and did not take a single picture. ha!