Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jojo's Party

Since Jojo turned 9 only a day after we returned to Samara his party was a bit delayed. We were also missing some of our fellow teammates since they are back in the States which meant a few less friends to invite over. This years theme was Transformers.

Jojo and his buddies. Poor Emily wasn't too sure about being at a boy's 
party but she did just great. The next morning she and I had some girl
bonding time in my "beauty salon".

 We had some "Transformer" games. The kids here were shooting
at the Decepticons (some pictures of different Decepticons that
hung on our wall), then they took turns transforming one of the
Transformers as quickly as they could, and we also hid a 
Transformer that they had to look for (we played several rounds
of that game).

My try at a Bumble Bee cake......I am definitely not America's
Next Great Baker but I tried and the kids loved it!!!

And we also had a slumber party! I let Nathan and Emily stay
up with the older boys to watch a movie.

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Melissa Ruth said...

wow are you one clever party thrower. i am impressed!! esp from overseas. you have to seriously think ahead.