Monday, October 8, 2012

Pooh Pictures

Every year I take a picture of Jojo with his Pooh Bear. His Pooh Bear is very special to him because his Grandpa Larry(who passed away 8 1/2 years ago) gave it to him. It's fun to see how he's grown. The first year of life I took a picture at the end of every month. I do the same thing with Nathan and his Pooh Bear so I'll have to post those later.
Here he is 9 months old. We were actually
in Novosibirsk this time checking out where 
we would eventually move to.

5 years old! This is when he started losing that
baby sad!

9 years old. I hope as he gets older he lets me
continue to take these pictures!!!


Melissa Ruth said...

i love his face in the last picture. you can tell he is humoring you like a very good son. i want to know if you will take a pic when he is in his tux on his wedding day. hehe!!

Natalie said...

Yes Melissa, that's exactly what I plan to do!!!