Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pooh Pictures Part 2

Now it's Nathan's turn for the Pooh pictures. Not only did I take a picture of the boys with their Pooh Bears every year but for their first year of life, I took a picture every single month. Unfortunately with Josiah we didn't have a digital camera the first few months but with Naynay we did!

1 month old! He looks real angry though and
Pooh Bear was on loan by big brother
since he did not have his own yet.

 1 year old! He did have his own Pooh Bear 
at this time but it was left behind in Samara, 
this picture was taken while we were in Oregon.

 2 years old! His true nature is coming out!

 4 years old! I can't find his 3 year old one 
but I know it's there among the thousands
and thousands of digital pictures.

 The big 5! He's really lost his baby face......makes me so sad.

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