Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stop and Watch The Car Get Towed

You've heard of "Stop and smell the roses", here we stop and watch the cars get towed. Lately I have seen so many cars get towed. In the six plus years that we've lived here I have never seen it before until recently. Nathan has an obsession with cars and so one day while we were walking and headed to McDonalds we saw the tow truck getting ready to tow this car. So of course we just had to stop and watch the whole process. In this case the owner of the car did not come out in time but a week before this incident we saw the owner of the car come out just as they were placing the "thingys" on the tires. I thought for sure the lady (owner of the car) was going to punch the worker in the face. She was yelling at him, getting in his face, etc.........I'm glad I don't know any bad words in Russian but I am sure she was using every single one of them. Thankfully the worker unstrapped the car and let her go, otherwise I am not sure what would have happened.

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