Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Halloween

Well there's no trick or treating here in Russia. Only Josiah has ever gone trick or treating and he was 2 years old when he did so he doesn't quite remember it too much. Usually we celebrate with our friends and neighbors but they are stateside now so we were left up to ourselves to have some fun.

At lunch time the boys and I headed to McDonalds and since it's 
been it a little while since our last visit it was a welcome surprise.

For dinner we had "mummy" hot dogs. They thought these
were hilarious and there was quite a bit of playing with their food.

 Then it was time for some trick or treating but
indoor style, the boys just basically went from
room to room in our apartment!

The boys said they had a real fun day. It just 
takes a little work and creativity to make 
things work sometimes!

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