Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 37 - Chocolate Cupcakes

For the longest time the Hershey's chocolate cake recipe has been my go to recipe for chocolate cakes and cupcakes but the cake is not real spongy and it's super moist.....which is not a bad thing but I wanted to see if I could find a different recipe. So of course I headed over to Pinterest and found a bunch of choices but decided on this one-buttermilk chocolate cupcakes. One thing I loved about this recipe is that it makes only 12 cupcakes. I didn't have buttermilk though and so I did the vinegar and milk trick. These cupcakes didn't rise as much as I would have wanted and sank in a little . Maybe it was because I didn't use buttermilk? Maybe the recipe needs a little more baking powder? Or maybe that is just the way they turn out? One thing was for sure-the cake was spongy! ( I learned this term after watching Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars a whole lot the last two months)

 Here's Nathan helping me decorate cupcakes. Once 
the frosting was on, it really didn't matter if the 
cakes sunk in a little.

On a side note, if you happen to have a 5 year old
boy and you teasingly tell him that you are going 
to throw him in the cupcake mix, cook him up, 
and then eat him...he may just take you seriously
and have a total meltdown and start screaming
"please, don't eat me!".... so please don't joke
around with little kids this way.....not that I
would know or anything!

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