Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's the week before Thanksgiving and in reality here in Russia it just feels like any other season. It doesn't quite feel like Thanksgiving but in a way that's good because thankfulness should be a part of our every day in and day out.......24/ get the idea!

So here are some thankful thoughts I've had this week:
1. I recently read this blog post entitled "Momentary Motherhood" on the Girl Talk blog. It reminded of the time I was in the parking lot of a Sam's Club with a three week old Jojo and I was stopped by a man. At the time Josiah had some sort of strange blood immunity problem so I had to be extra cautious of Josiah picking up any illnesses so every time that strangers approached me when I had Josiah I was always a bit apprehensive. Anyway, as this man came closer to me I saw that he had tears in his eyes and told me that his baby just turned 20 something and was getting married soon. He then told me something that I think all of us moms have heard one time or another, he said to cherish every single moment. I'll never forget that image of this man and I purposed in my heart to wholeheartedly take his advice. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to be a stay at home mom and not miss one single moment! I do confess there were times that I wanted that time to go by fast, especially those middle of the night feedings, but in general I've spent almost every single moment with my 2 boys since birth. I'm thankful that Jon has been a part of allowing that to happen by working so hard for our family.

2. I'm thankful we got snow this week but I am more thankful that it all went away! Not quite cold enough yet for any of it to stick. Yes, I am still praying that we will have a mild winter.

3. Today I heard Nathan tell Josiah "you're my best sand playing friend" cute. They played in the sandbox so well today. So, yes there are days when the fighting never stops between them but today I'm thankful for the special bond they have as brothers.

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