Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

This year we decided to make gingerbread houses! We've never done them together as a family. Actually, Jojo is the only one who's ever made one and that was at a birthday party. IKEA had kits to build them so I bought a couple from there. They were reasonably priced but didn't include any candy or frosting. Thankfully my friend Heather told me to make sure I use icing cement to build the houses and the cement icing worked out great! A couple of my friends posted on Facebook their frustrations with building the houses. One friend hot glued the house together. Another friend used string to keep the house together.

Jon helped Nathan out and I helped Jojo.

I love how they turned out!

Jon made a cute little snowman out of the icing......Nathan 
could not resist the snowman and every chance he had, he
was always picking at it. Just the other day, Jon finally let him
eat the snowman!

One day Nathan got real upset at Jojo about something and punched
a hole into the roof. The second he did it, he broke down crying
because he knew he did something wrong. He was so repentant 
about it. Thankfully, Jojo didn't get too upset about it. 

I think we'll be making gingerbread houses every year from now on!

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Jedidja said...

Wow, nice, little houses! Well done.