Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Weekend Before The New Year

If you are familiar with Russian culture, then you would know that the New Year is the biggest holiday here. During  Soviet times since Christmas was not permitted, New Years took it's place.
"Ded Moroz" (Father Frost) comes to deliver presents with his grandaughter, "Snegerochka" on New Year's Eve.

Yesterday I had to go the market (reenok) and buy my produce, chicken, and other items. It was insane outside on the streets. Lots of people shopping, coming home from work early (yesterday was an official work day since most will have the week off next week), and lots of excited kids setting off small firecrackers! I really enjoy all the craziness though and I love seeing the hustle and bustle of the city.

Traffic was at a took me forever to get there on transport
I should have just walked!


Lots of people were out shopping for their "yolka" (Christmas 
tree). I saw several people carrying one home, or on top of
their vehicles.

 When I came home from shopping, I got busy baking little breads
to pass out at church today.

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