Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I guess I have forgotten about blogging about how thankful I am. Nonetheless, I truly am thankful regardless!

1. I'm thankful for a lesson I've been preparing on the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit. I have been studying joy and peace. I'm thankful that joy and peace aren't dependent upon our external circumstances. They are both seeded deeply in our hearts and available to draw from especially in time of trials.

2. I'm also grateful that two families from our team have returned. The boys are especially thankful since one of the families lives upstairs from us. They can't wait to play again with their friends.

3. This may be a bit trivial but I'm thankful for the PBS app on my iPad. It's been fun watching the new season of Downton Abbey, albeit a day late.

4. And last but not least I am so thankful for my husband who celebrated his birthday yesterday! He has been so busy lately and so tired. I'm so grateful for how hard he works and desires to glorify God. He is such a blessing to me and the boys. We're in for some big changes this year and Jon has remained so calm. He really trusts the Lord and I'm thankful for his example to me.

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