Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Little Dental Adventure

This past weekend I noticed that Nathan had quite a large cavity in one of his teeth. I felt like a horrible mom for not noticing sooner. He just saw a dentist 5 months ago and his teeth were just fine. Anyway, we have a real nice dentist here who works within a 15 minute walk so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal since she usually can get me in the same day. I should never assume that things here will go easy for me!

So, I called her first thing Monday morning. She said sure I can see him but I've moved. It's hard enough for me to understand directions in English so trying to understand in Russian was quite impossible for me. I asked her to text me her new address and I would see if it was too far for us. According to the map it definitely wasn't walking distance but doable by car or public transport. Only problem of course was that Jon wasn't home and even though I could figure out what bus to take there I just wasn't familiar enough with the stop or the exact location of the building. So, I figured a taxi could get me there. Thankfully my sweet friend Masha arranged the taxi for Nathan and I while she watched Jojo. After 30 minutes in traffic we arrived to our destination for our 4:00 appointment but the driver had no idea which exact building it was. There were like 5-6 buildings with the same exact address - 70 Revolution Street. The only exception was that the address my dentist texted me had additional info - Litera 2........I had no idea what this meant nor did my friend Masha but after seeing all the buildings I realized that it is basically the number of the building in that maze of buildings. I asked someone for help and was guided to the correct building...........PHEW!

Poor Nathan did great. He had to get his gums numb for the filling but he opened his mouth big and didn't even complain.  By this time it was only 4:30 and I figured it wouldn't be too bad getting home.

As we were leaving I took a picture of the building just in case Jon ever had to go there. As we were walking through the parking lot, Nathan says, "Mom, why do I still have my regular shoes on?" DUH...I totally forgot to put his snow boots on so we had to head back to the dental office and get the snow boots. As we finally get out of the labyrinth we turn on the street to walk towards the bus stop. After about 5 minutes, I realize we are heading in the wrong direction.....DUH again. So we turn around and head towards the correct way. We were finally at the stop and after 10 minutes I realize that none of the trolley buses are stopping at this stop. I asked a lady why the trolley buses aren't pulling over and she says you have to go to the next stop and points me in the right direction..........DUH again. Thankfully after our many detours we finally walked in the door a few minutes after 6:00. We get to go back this Saturday but thankfully I know exactly where we need to go and this time I think I'll just keep his boots on.

We saw these icicles on our little adventure and Nathan
thought they were pretty cool. He wanted me to try
and get one off for him!

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