Friday, March 1, 2013

My Workout

Well we have finally gotten a bit of snow! Seriously, this winter has been so mild. It just so happens every time Jon goes away to Shepherds' Conference we get a bunch of snow which means that snow accumulates by his garage. This means I get to shovel the snow so that when he returns he doesn't spend forever just trying to take the car out. He never tells me I need to do this but I figure I may get lucky and get a box of See's candies in return for my hard work (Jon if you're reading this.......hint, hint). So, earlier today the boys and I got outside to play in the fluffy snow and for me to do some shoveling.
 Nathan trying to help me out.

For the most part the boys played in the snow.................

while I worked like a mad woman.

My two cutie pies! They look so sweet and innocent here.

Here's the BEFORE picture................

and here's the AFTER picture! 
Let's just say I am one sore momma right now.

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