Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 45 - Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bars

If you need to bake a quick and yummy dessert that will feed a ton of people then this one is it! I have had pumpkin puree in my freezer since last fall which I have been meaning to use and plus Thursday night I was in the mood to bake. So, I searched my Pinterest boards and found this pin to try .  I only made some minor changes. The recipe calls for 2 cups of whole wheat flour but I used 1 cup of all purpose flour and only 1 cup of whole wheat flour.........mainly because I wasn't too sure if I could trust the wheat flour I recently bought here. The recipe also calls for canned pumpkin but of course we can't get that here so I just used my puree. Thankfully, it turned out great and the boys love it. Only problem is that it makes a ton but it keeps well in the fridge so I see us eating pumpkin bars for the next several days!!!

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Melissa Ruth said...

i have pumpkin puree in my freezer too! so going to make this.