Saturday, March 23, 2013

Samara Opera and Ballet Theatre

For Jon's birthday I bought tickets to go see a Mozart concert put on by a string orchestra from Vienna. We have never been to the Samara Opera and Ballet Theatre so we were really excited to see what the theatre was like. It was closed for several years due to remodeling and the outcome is just amazing!

This is the outside of the theatre. It is located on Kuibashev Square which is the main square of the city of Samara.

This is looking out from the theatre onto the square. The statue is of Kuibashev.......a former governor of Samara during Soviet times. The city of Samara was actually named Kuibashev during Soviet times.

 After checking in our coats I headed to the ladies'! It is probably the prettiest bathroom in Samara. I loved it and could have spent all night in the bathroom. It's very rare to find a nice bathroom in Samara.

We then found our seats and goofed around with the binoculars we borrowed. We probably didn't need them but it was fun. I felt very classy looking through them every once in a while. They also reminded me of some movies I have seen where a certain character goes to the theatre to spy on someone.

This was the orchestra. They are dressed in period costume with white wigs and all. They were excellent. For any of you reading this post who know me very know that I am not exactly a fine arts type of gal but I have to confess that I really enjoyed the whole concert. I am sad to say that out of all the Mozart pieces they played I only recognized three! Two were real popular ones and the other one is from one of my Jane Austen movies!!!

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