Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sleepover Season

Usually we spend a whole week at my friend Heather's home while Jon and her husband are away at Shepherd's Conference but this year her husband didn't go. So.........we were on our own! The first few days Jon was gone we were all so sad that daddy was gone but then we got out of our funk and had some fun. It also helped when Sharon's kids got all better from their colds and we were able to hang out and play.  Of course this also included sleepovers..........which are a ton of fun for the kiddos but a bit tiring for me! I remember as a kid how much I loved sleepovers so I try to make the most of them.

We got some fresh snow earlier in the week so we played outside a few days.......boys doing what boys do in the snow........making forts!

Tuesday night we had Sharon's two older boys over for a sleepover while Nathan went over there. Thursday night Sharon's 3 little ones came over for a sleepover while Jojo went over there. Fun times! 

I'm so grateful for the memories the boys are making here. It breaks my heart of course to think that in a few weeks these precious kids will have to say good-bye to one another but for now we'll keep making memories!

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