Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's been a dreary week with rain and lots of gray clouds. We have even had snow predicted for today but thankfully that forecast was incorrect. Here are some more things I am thankful for......

1. I'm thankful for the progress I am making in our packing and giving things away. Even though we have tried to live minimally, we still have a lot of stuff!!

2. I'm also grateful that the boys have been playing so well. To say that I am stressed out right now is an understatement but the boys are helping out by getting along....not perfectly but enough. They've been busy building a myriad of Lego creations.

3. I'm also thankful because Monday we had a scary situation in our apartment building that ended up being nothing. Believe it or not we had a bomb scare and were evacuated from our building. The timing with everything that happened that morning was only from the hand of God. Jojo was over at my friend Sharon's place(she lives on the floor above us) for a sleepover the previous night. My friend Heather's kids were also there for the sleepover. Heather came to pick up her two kids but wasn't allowed to enter the building because it was being barricaded so she called to tell me what was going on. As I got to Sharon's floor the firemen were already there evacuating that floor and telling us that there was a bomb on the first floor. Usually Sharon and I do not EVER answer our doors so if Heather had not come we would have been left out of the evacuation. Another blessing was that Jon was home. He is usually not home on Monday's but this day was an exception. So, we all evacuated the building. Thankfully, Heather was there to help Sharon since Sharon's husband was en route via train back to Samara that day. After an hour or so we were permitted back into the building. What happened? On the first floor of our building a "learning" grenade and "learning" mine were found. There is an office that runs a military school on the first floor and I am thinking that perhaps they left some of their learning tools out. I've got to really commend the emergency crew that showed up at our building. I think every imaginable response unit showed up. The firemen were extremely professional and courteous and they got our whole building evacuated. We have 18 floors by the way! One thought ran through my mind as I was going down the stairs that day.........I kept thinking, "Well, if this building blows up I guess I don't have to worry about packing!"

If I would have pointed the camera to the right you would be able to see all the other units that showed up.

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