Tuesday, April 9, 2013

List 2: Ten Things I'll Miss About Samara

I can't believe it but our time here is closely coming to an end. I have quite a range of emotions right now. It all seems surreal. I am depending daily on God's grace to get me through! I know after some time I will be fine but for now it is just hard. Here are some things I will miss about living here.

10. Walking.
We do a lot of walking here. We only have one car and Jon usually has the car. Even when the car is available the truth is that I am too scared to drive here. I've only driven a hand full of times. So, instead we walk everywhere. It's really great exercise. Even though I admit I sometimes can get tired of the amount of time it takes to do something, but for the most part I enjoy it.

9. Transport
In addition to walking we also take a lot of transport. Mainly we travel by tram or a marshrutka which is a big van. Jojo prefers the slower pace of the tram while Nathan prefers the fast and super bumpy ride of a marshrutka. Often times we also travel by bus or even a trolley bus. In Samara I have only used a taxi three times. It's quite adventurous for me to travel by transport....I don't know why but it just is. In California I have only used public transportation twice in all the years I've lived there but here in Samara riding public transportation is a necessity.
When we first moved to Samara we lived on a street with
a tram line. The noises of the tram running would wake
us up around 5:30 every morning.

8. Slower Pace Of Life
I think most people who have been overseas can really relate to this one. It just seems like everything is so fast paced in the States. If you go to a restaurant here you are allowed to sit and dine as long as you would like. Jon has sat in a restaurant in meetings for close to 4 hours. The waiters won't bug you. Also when we are out walking we just enjoy the walk. The kids stop and explore and if we're not heading somewhere I just follow their lead. Sure there are periods where we are overwhelmed with a lot of responsibilities but for the most part we are able to have a slower pace.

7. U Palicha
U Palicha means handmade or literally "from the fingers". They are a company with several cafes and one restaurant. They also have stores where they sell their food products, chocolates, desserts, and cakes. They make our favorite cake and you can bet we'll be buying a couple to eat before we leave. Their restaurant is amazing and they make the very best soup I have ever tasted. I plan to go at least once if not twice before we leave.

6. Tulips
Every year around the end of April and beginning of May the tulips begin to appear. It is a for a brief period of time since they don't last too long. I look forward to it every single year. I try to buy as many as I can, especially when they are really in bloom because they are so cheap. There's a memorial close to where we live with blooms of beautiful red tulips but I think we may miss it this year. Jon says that he walked by there the other day and the tulips are just barely beginning to come through the soil.

Jojo by the tulips in 2008

5. Victory Day
This is my favorite holiday (aside from Easter and Christmas of course). On the 9th of May, Russia celebrates their victory over Germany putting an end to World War II. This period of history is one of my favorites and so I think that is why I enjoy the holiday so much. We usually go out as a family to  a square where military hardware is displayed and veterans of the war walk around with their medals pinned on their coats. I cry every time........I'm sentimental that way. Sadly we will leave before May 9.

4. Long Summer Days
Summer days last forever in Samara. When Russia participated in the time change it would still be light outside around 11:00 pm. I remember once being outside on a walk with some friends and losing track of time because it was so light out.

3. Babushkee
I will definitely miss all the sweet babushkee (grandmas) we have had the privilege of getting to know at church. For some reason the Lord has given me a heart for them. We've also expressed to the boys how important it is to honor them and try to encourage them.

2. The Market
The "rinok" or market is probably one of my favorite places to go. I have often blogged about it and how much I enjoy the market culture. I've been faithful to my vendors and I'll definitely miss my Saturday morning routine. I only have a couple of Saturdays left to go there so I am hoping to get some photos with a couple of the vendors......we'll see if they oblige.

1. Friends
I've made some amazing friends here. They are absolutely what I will miss the most. I knew the day would eventually come when it would be time to say goodbye but obviously one can never be too ready. My heart is broken about leaving mainly because of the friends I'll leave behind.


Leonie Kuypers said...

I feel your pain Nat! Moving countries is tough, but knowing that you're in God's will is so comforting. Praying for you xo

Melissa Ruth said...

Your list made me tear up so I can only imagine you writing it! Esp the last one. Living overseas is such a blessing because of all the new things you experience and you have been so blessed to experience Russia!

Kaari (Hoot Mama) Ivanov said...

Praying for you all as you transition into the next chapter of God's exciting future plans for the Rehurik family!

Natalie said...

Thanks ladies so much for your prayers! They are all timely and encouraging!