Wednesday, July 3, 2013

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Since our passes also included admission to the Safari Park we headed there on our 4th day in San Diego. Right of the bat I can tell you that the Safari Park is not nearly as big as the zoo so it's definitely feasible to see the whole Safari Park in one day.

The funnest part of the Safari Park is taking the safari tour through Africa.  It's about 25 minutes long and it's really amazing to see the animals in an "almost" natural habitat.

After the safari tour we went to the lion exhibit. It was so cool 
to get so close to the lions. I remember years ago, the lions
were never visible but now they've built a great exhibit for them.

My favorite......the gorillas. I was really disappointed at the zoo because
the gorillas were hiding most of the time so it was so much fun to
watch the gorillas at the Safari Park because they were super active.

Jojo loves taking pictures and he especially loves taking like 20 
shots of the same here I am telling him, "just 1".


Lorikeet Landing was also a lot of fun. I would definitely buy the 
nectar they sell to feed the birds but next time we'll go first thing
in the morning because by midday those poor birds are too full
to eat.

And I can't forget about the bats which happened to be Jon's favorite exhibit at the Safari Park! He stayed several minutes just watching those ugly bats! The boys and I were grossed out.

As you can see, Jojo looks thrilled!!!

Eeewww........just eeeewwww!!!

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