Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It's been so hot here in Southern California and the truth is that I love it. I hear so many people complain about it and it's a good reminder to just be thankful in all circumstances. Which brings me to.......
1. We are praising God this week because Jon has started working with a financial planning firm. After weeks of praying and waiting on the Lord we're thanking the Lord for this opportunity. Sure, the next few months won't be easy since he has several exams to take to get licensed plus he needs to build up a clientele in order to bring in income but he finally is able to get his feet wet. We now have a little more sense of being able to settle. For now we continue to live with my mom for which we are extremely grateful. Of course it's not ideal but it is working out just fine. I'm also thankful because Jon's job is only a 10 minutes drive from where we are living. Have you seen the price of gas lately? YIKES! One little way we can save some money.

2. I'm also thankful for the children's ministry at church. The boys are really enjoying Sunday school and Discovery Club (Sunday night's children's program). Josiah especially can't wait until Sunday.
Josiah even got to go to Summer Camp with Jon! I was extremely grateful because it was a one day camp..........not quite ready to send him away for a few days!

3. And lastly I'm so thankful for all that the Lord has been teaching me the last 3 months since we returned from Russia. One main thing He has taught me is to wait upon Him. Waiting on the Lord has really been a lifelong lesson for me. Patience is a characteristic that I have a lot to work on yet the last 3 months I've learned to come to the Lord through prayer anytime I felt anxious. I also chose to think upon how God has always taken care of me and our family.

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