Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Double Digits

Our Jojo turned 10 this past Friday! I can't believe it. We really had a laid back day though since he started with his asthma cough over a week ago. I really didn't plan "friend" parties for the boys this summer but they got plenty of gifts from our celebrations with my family.

 This Angry Bird cake was super easy to make and thank God it came out so well!!  It's so much easier making cakes Stateside!

 Jojo asked for the Lego Batman Cave set way back in May. He has eagerly been waiting for his birthday to see if he would get it. He spent a large part of the morning building the set with his little brother watching. And what is it with "bunny ears"? Jojo loves doing bunny ears and it drives his brother crazy............must be a boy thing.

Later in the evening we celebrated by going to Wendy's, Krispy Kreme, and going to the movie theatre to watch "Planes". It was a great celebration and I think he made some great memories.

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Victoria said...

So glad j had a good birthday! He looks so handsome and grown up in that picture!