Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I've really enjoyed all the back to school pictures popping up on Facebook and various blogs that I read......but I've got to say that I'm enjoying the fact even more that we don't start until September 3! So,
1. I'm thankful for the freedom I have to homeschool and that I get to set my schedule. Well, actually I could have started already but the PSP we joined officially starts September 3 and so we're going with that!

2. I'm also thankful that the Lord has given my mom 71 years of life! We celebrated her birthday this past Monday. It's amazing the energy and strength she has. 
This is my mom and I......she was about 33 here. I believe we're in the backyard of our home in Argentina.

3. And lastly, I'm so thankful for  the book I've been going through in a summer small group. Last week's chapter challenged us on getting out of our comfort zone and reaching out to others. It was quite an exhortation to me personally because we've been gone from our church for 7 1/2 years and I feel like we're still newbies! A lot of people know who we are since we were missionaries sent out by our church but we don't know them. It's no excuse for me though.......I still need to be looking out for the needs of others and searching out first time visitors and such.  Jerry Bridges says the following:

"Serving others usually requires no special talent or ability. But it does take a servant attitude to want to serve others, as well as an observant eye and mind to see what needs to be done. If we have a servant attitude, we can develop an observant eye. The reason most of us do not see opportunities to serve is that we are continually thinking about ourselves instead of others."


Our Family said...

Great quote, Natalie, and beautiful photo of you and your mama! I'm thankful for your "Thankful Thursdays". Please give Jon love from Jim and me!

Andreea Militaru said...

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